Sunday, July 15, 2007

Designs I Love: Heads of State

The Heads of State are a couple designers based in Philadelphia who do primarily rock&roll design—concert posters and such. They're definitely part of that whole Art Chantry meets Saul Bass school of silkscreen poster design that's so big right now, but to my eye they're some of the most talented designers working in that style. They've got a great ability to create iconic designs that you can't believe no one's ever thought of before—that awesome two-records-become-an-infinity-symbol design being a case in point. (This great book has some behind-the-scenes on that poster—apparently it was inspired by those two albums Bright Eyes put out simultaneously a little while back.)

Visit their website for much more eye candy, and pick up a poster or three while you're there—at only $20, they're a steal at twice the price!

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MacGuffin said...

Those are really terrific. I love Saul Bass's work. I have an original Vertigo US one-sheet that's the pride of my film poster collection.