Thursday, October 11, 2007

Silkscreening 1

So I've been taking this silkscreening class recently, and it's been a great impetus to bring more hand-made elements into my design work. (Particularly on a couple projects I'll hopefully be blogging about soon.) Here's a look at my first (arguably) successful print:

This is a four-color silkscreen—the lighter orange is made by overprinting the transparent yellow on top of the darker orange, which I was particularly proud of. (Hey, I'm still a beginner at this!) The actual thing is approx. 6" square. I'm still working out the kinks—this is the best-looking print of the lot, and even it has some registration problems. It's an interesting process—it's kind of simpler than I expected, but more exacting and detail-oriented, too. But it's definitely been a blast to learn a whole new skill. I'll post more as I finish them.

If you're wondering about the drawing itself, that bird is something I did for the booklet cover of Berlin Alexanderplatz. Here's a peek at what it looks like in it's original incarnation:


India said...

Fun! Where are you taking this class?

Ed Howard said...

Nice. There's no DVD release I'm more excited about than Berlin Alexanderplatz, and your art for it looks amazing.

Brandon said...

Sweet! I love this blog, it's very cool to see behind the scenes of one of my favorite designers!


Eric Skillman said...

I'm taking the class at a place called The Lower East Side Printshop, (located, inexplicably, on 37th and 8th). It's been a really good class, in that we haven't been wasting time with any art-school type "exercises" or anything, we had one day of instruction and since then we've been able to work on our own projects and be very hands-on. I'd recommend it if you have any interest.

Thanks! I'm trying to avoid talking too much about Berlin until I get a finished set in my hands, since I don't want to jinx anything, but I'm really proud of that one. I hope you're not disappointed!

Thanks for the kind words. Also, I checked out the link to your portfolio site, and I was very impressed! I really love your hand-drawn type, that's actually something I'd love to start doing more of myself. And the cover for that Jared Collinger CD in particular is beautiful. Very nice work!

India said...

Why, yes, that is inexplicable. Neither lower nor east—except, perhaps, relative to Rochester?

MacGuffin said...

Great work. I especially like the cover art for the dvd. I was wondering who the artist was. Very unusual and striking. You certainly don't get stuck in a design rut. Must be very challenging. *obviously*

FloatingPoint said...

Hey Eric

Very cool can't wait to see some more successful prints. Have you ever tried woodcut printing? I have always loved M.C.Eschers work for his amazing print making skills. Keep up the great work!

Sam Brade - FloatingPoint