Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Hey, look what I got in the mail today! A package of stickers from Fat Punk Studio, who I know from the comments is (are?) (a) sometime reader(s?) of this blog. And since I want to encourage the practice of sending me cool free stuff, I thought I'd mention it here. I really like the Peony stickers:

Those and other stickers seem to be available for purchase on Fat Punk's website, along with samples of their excellent illustration work. Thanks, Fat Punk!

While I'm plugging stuff, I'll also mention that Jason Polan, who Criterion fans might know as the artist behind our "wacky animals" but who is so much more, has a show opening this Friday at the Lump gallery in Raleigh, NC, and running through March 1. Stop by if you're in the area. Details on the show here, and Jason's own site is here. Here's a scan of a piece of Jason's that he generously gave me:

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