Monday, February 11, 2008

Media blitz!

So... I got interviewed by Wizard magazine. Which is a little surreal, frankly, but it was fun to do. Plus, it taught me something about myself: apparently I speak entirely in run-on sentences. I guess those kinds of harsh truths are just the nature of these things...

The interview is up as of today, here.

Thanks again to David Paggi for contacting me!


Anonymous said...

great interview eric... hope all is well.

Eric Skillman said...

You're too kind.

LOVED the end of FAKER, by the way. Gorgeous work.


Stfn said...

Good stuff and great interview. Some of them [the covers] where new for me. First comment here, btw - love your work and to read about it here.. I'm a huge comic fan and loves that you bring these artist to new people. Zezelj and Sienkiewicz are my heroes!

MacGuffin said...

Wizard Magazine? Very strange. I would've thought The Comics Journal would've beat them to it. Great interview.

Eric Skillman said...

Thanks! And if you like that Zezelj cover, you'll LOVE the drawings he did for the inside of the package:

I think TCJ is a little more specifically comics art-focused, whereas Wizard seems to cover movies & such, too... it's pretty surreal, either way.

Stfn said...

That Zezelj on your wall is just --- !!!

Thanks for the link..