Sunday, November 2, 2008

Know hope (updated)

Between the stoop sale and those I've mailed out since, there's about 40 of you out there with those super-limited edition Obama t-shirt transfers... I'd love to see what you've all done with them! Here's an update from Dominic (and his ENORMOUS sign!):
Thanks for sending the cool print and it is proudly worn to all weekend events. We were putting up the last set of blitz signs (the attached pics are from the lot next to the WAL-MART / Hell). In case you are wondering or want to throw it in the caption, I do happen to be a Western PA resident that does have guns and religion but I also have the hope for the future that Obama will help bring us. Hope is my single issue here; hope for jobs, progress, fairness, and a deer in every pot (it is hunting season so the camo hat did come out...its a habit).
Thanks, Dominic! Now let's all go out and vote!!

EDIT: One more photo, from Amy of South Carolina, just after results came in last night:

Donation made. Election won. Picture attached.

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