Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hallowe'en with the Criterion diaspora

Lots of seasonally appropriate design-blogging going on!

First up, designer/rock star Sam Smith has been picking up a lot of my slack on the Criterion-design-process-blogging front: check out his excellent posts on the poster for the Janus release of the creepy Kuroneko and the DVD/blu-ray design for the bats**t insane House.

Then check out Jesse Marinoff Reyes' fantastic blast-from-the-past post on the cover to Equinox, which he art directed and was illustrated by Tavis Coburn. (The link is to his Facebook page but I don't *think* you need to be facebooked to see the post.) It's part of his always interesting "cover-of-the-day" feature--that's right "of the day." Not "of the quarter-year" like some slacker bloggers...


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a great blog. I admire your work for Criterion. Thank you so much for the insights.

Warm regards,
a movie fanatic

Anonymous said...

Will we have a new design process post soon ?

Anonymous said...

hey we'r waiting for new stuff! c'mon!