Monday, January 24, 2011


So... I thought I might try something a little different around here.

In the lead-up to the publication of my very first book--the graphic novel Liar's Kiss, written by myself and drawn by the great Jhomar Soriano, I'll periodically be posting some of my favorite panels/lines/drawings/etc from the book. The idea is hopefully to spark some modest amount of "buzz," so if you like what you see, (a) be sure to pre-order a copy of the book (for example, through Top Shelf directly, or through Amazon), and (b) don't hesitate to facetweet or whatever.

For those of you who just come for the design, don't worry--my pledge to you, as penance for filling this space with so much shameless self-promotion,* is to have at least one proper design-themed post per week, every week until the book debuts (fingers crossed) at this year's MoCCA Fest in April. Anyone who's been checking back on this blog for any length of time knows that's an ambitious promise, but anyway, I'll do my best.

*not that the rest of the blog isn't ALSO shameless self-promotion, mind you...

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