Monday, June 20, 2011

San Diego

Just booked my flights: I'm officially headed to the San Diego Comic Con this year. I'm busy enough this summer that I can't justify the full 5 days, so I'm only going to be there Friday and Saturday (July 22-23). (Limited engagement! Catch me while you can!) I'll be promoting Liar's Kiss with the Top Shelf folks, plus I'm also involved with another fun event that should be of interest to readers of this blog. I shouldn't talk about that yet but it'll be announced next week. (Here and elsewhere.)

This'll be the farthest I've yet travelled on my "book tour," and my first time at the (in?)famous SDCC... I'm mildly intimidated, but also psyched! Hope to see you there!


Robert Goodin said...

Exciting! I'll see you there.

Craig Zablo said...

EGG #1 - Highly Reccomended Crime Comic