Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Designs I Love: Hub-Tones

Since it's rapidly becoming apparent to me that I'm going to run out of my own designs to talk about pretty quickly at this rate (or at least, I'm going to run out of designs worth talking about), here's the first in a new series of design appreciations. Basically, it's an excuse to post pretty pictures and feel like I'm updating the site more often.

I'll start with an undisputed classic, my favorite album cover ever: Freddie Hubbard's Hub-Tones, designed by Reid Miles.

Nobody needs me to tell them Reid Miles is great--I know I personally steal from him all the damn time. But this cover is just plain perfect; even if I didn't know anything about jazz, (which, relatively speaking, I don't), I'd be convinced Freddie Hubbard was a great trumpet player on the strength of this cover alone. (Also, the album's pretty good.)

And just so this whole "designs I love" series doesn't turn into all Reid Miles all the time, here's some more of my favorite Blue Note designs:

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r said...

and now the theatrical poster of the limey has some new context for me. thanks, eric!