Thursday, April 12, 2007


As you might have noticed, I've been playing with the look of the blog. I think I've got it to a place where I think I like it okay... it's super-simple, (I am no web designer, really) but at least it's not the generic Blogger template anymore--there was something vaguely embarrassing talking about design on a generically designed blog. I might play with it a bit more over the next couple days...

P.S. Since the Blogger web interface isn't quite as customizable as I'd like, I've been editing the HTML directly, which probably means it's causing all sorts of weird glitches on various browsers. (Again, not a web design guy.) If anyone out there is using anything other than Firefox or Safari (Mac OS X) to read this thing, let me know how it looks in your browser, in the comments section. Or just tell me what you think of the new look. Or just say hi--I'm still new enough to this whole blogging thing that any comments are exciting!


josh said...

Hi Eric,

I've been following your blog for a little while now, great stuff. I really enjoy seeing your process, and the new layout is a nice change from the template.

I actually have a design question to ask as well:

How do you develop a great number of concepts without getting too attached to one idea?

Thanks, and keep up the good work!

Eric Skillman said...

Hi, Josh! Glad you're enjoying it.

As for your question... I dunno. Truthfully, I do get attached to some ideas more than others, and it can be pretty hard to let some of them go (which is part of the impetus behind this blog). And I'm sure plenty of people at my office could tell you stories about me fighting to keep a design I love alive.

But for the most part, as long as we end up with something I can be happy with, even if we've left some better ideas behind in the process, I just throw myself into the final design and make that as good as it can be.

And on those occasions when we wind up going with something I'm not proud of, well, those are the days when it's just a job, and you let it go. But thankfully I work with people with pretty good taste, overall, so that doesn't happen too often.

By the way, I checked out your site--very nice! I especially like the Lot 49 book and the SOA flyer.

Anonymous said...

No problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows XP. Love the design, but never saw the old design and therefor not fit to comment on old vs. new design.

Hammock / Criterion Dungeon

Edward said...

FYI, I have no problems in either IE7 or Firefox on Windows XP. Looks great!