Monday, April 13, 2009

Another EGG review

Another generally positive review for EGG #1, this time from Brian Cronin over at Comics Should Be Good! :

Skillman is a very strong writer, and these five stories are really pretty remarkable, in the sense that Skillman is able to tell five interesting stories in 24 pages.

For the record, I think he underpraises the art--for example, Jorge did much more for that story than "not get in [my] way"!! As far as I'm concerned, each of the five artists did amazing work! But it is of course the critic's prerogative to have their own opinion on these matters, and I can't be too mad considering what nice things he has to say about my writing... Anyway, thanks for taking the time to review the book, Brian!

In other news, we seem to have inspired the world's lonliest forum. Anyone with a Rotten Tomatoes account want to drop Mr. Danny Zuko a note to let him know he can pick up a copy at Indyplanet?