Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Popgun hits stores tomorrow

I just got my copy of POPGUN vol. 3 in the mail today--and if you make the trek out to your local comics store, you can pick up your very own copy tomorrow, I believe. I haven't had a chance to read through the whole thing yet, but I did make a point to check out Connor Willumsen's other story, "Crow Rooster," which is, naturally, pretty great.

Anyway--my and Connor's story in here is my first published comics work, (i.e. published by someone other than myself), so I'm pretty psyched about it! I'm still working my way up to getting my name on the actual front cover of a book (every designer's secret dream), but the back cover is a pretty good step:

I was also psyched to see that they took my favorite panel from "These Kids Today" for their back cover montage (top circle, lower middle).

And hey, if $29.99 is too steep for you, don't forget that EGG is still available for sale online at Indyplanet.com for only four measly dollars.... I'm just sayin'...

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John G said...

Congrats man! I haven't actually gotten any of the Popgun books, but they look great!