Monday, May 25, 2009

"Cold Feet" page 1

Hey, new comics!

Just finished up a new story with the amazing Evan Bryce! Evan's a fearless artist and I've admired his stuff for a while, so I'm thrilled to get the chance to work with him--check out his blog (or his "President Awesome" webcomic) for plenty more great art!

For a change, I'm NOT going to post the full 8 pages right away--I'll probably have some form of this available for sale at the MoCCA Festival in a couple weeks (along with some other fun stuff--more on that soon!), so I'll wait until the kind folk willing to purchase a copy get theirs before posting it online. But anyway, here's the first page... gorgeous, right? (And, y'know, the story's alright, too, I like to think!)


ramon said...

excellent job as always with the colors, eric! i keep meaning to email you about the first batch of stories you did... anyway, looking forward to meeting you at mocca!

JCoelho said...

Wow, great look and feel on this page Eric. I'm shure the rest of the story's as good or better :)


Eric Skillman said...

Thanks Jorge! Thanks Ramon!