Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More EGG reviews

I know no one but me cares, but I like having an archive of this stuff...

Matthew J. Brady at Warren Peace Sings the Blues (or, alternately, has a big overview of lots of the great stuff he picked up at MoCCA '09. He calls "These Kids Today," "a three-page crime story about a guy who has a one night stand with a girl and gets too attached, with the art probably being the most interesting aspect." I can't disagree! He then goes on to talk about the "Cold Feet" and "Below the Fold" minis, saying:

"Skillman doesn't do a bad job here, but he's especially good at picking collaborators, with Jorge Coelho being especially noteworthy, putting plenty of detail, good facial expressions, and moody color into the tale for maximum effect. ... Skillman looks to be pretty good at what he does, although it would be interesting to see him stretch a bit and tell something longer. Crime is a growing genre in comics, so there's definitely room for him to tell his stories. Hopefully he'll be able to continue plying his trade."

Over at a blog called "Lerbd," Pedro Moura picked up a copy of EGG #1 from Jorge Coehlo at the Beja comics festival, and included a review in his festival rundown. It's in Portugese, so I'm only getting the Google translate version, but he seems to comparing the stories (unfavorably, if I'm understanding correctly) to David Lapham--but hell, even an unflattering comparison to Lapham is flattering, as far as I'm concerned! He rightly praises Jorge's work, though chides me for hamstringing him with cramped, 9-panel pages--again, guilty as charged, though personally, I thought Jorge rose to the challenge brilliantly.

Pedro Moura also made this YouTube video that I, for reasons I can't quite explain, find extrememly entertaining. He flips through EGG #1 at the end of the video.


Jhomar Soriano said...

Jorge is indeed awesome, very inspiring.

MacGuffin said...

WTH? Did these guys read the same EGG comic, I did? Some of the best crime comic shorts since Hard Looks.

JCoelho said...

Pedro Moura's a great and perhaps the most well versed Comics critic around here, he flipped trough EGG because i left 5 of them there, and he wanted to of course.. :)
About the critc itself, i learned that he found (especially) my faces a bit frontal, i tend to agree because i really struggle to vary expressions and maintain a certain comic book look onto the characters... so overall, with Mr. Lapham's comparison I think we ALL came out pretty well also Eric!


chris angelo perez said...

Hey! I just found about this nice blog just this week (july 5). Keep it up mr! You have a reader in me just because of your spectacular posts about designing at criterion! More of that please?!

PS: how's working at criterion? I wonder.

Chris, Philippines

Ricardo VenĂ¢ncio said...

Awesome, hadn't seen this crit. :)

Jacob Covey said...

This blog's sure gotten slow in the summer heat.