Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sorry!! Also: Stumblebum Brass Band!

So, wow, long time between posts, huh? Sorry about that, been CRAZY busy, with lots of fun stuff which I'll post about as soon as I can. But I've finally got some time, sitting here by the lake at scenic Kutsher's resort before today's line-up of ATP bands gets started, so I'll try to knock out a couple of these, then spread them out over the next few weeks, so as to give the illusion of consistency. We'll see how that goes...

And in addition to just generally being a bad blogger, I really should apologize for not posting this with any punctuality:

The Stumblebums are a great NYC-based band, one of the more fun shows you'll see (especially if you catch one of their subway sets, which have a tendency to turn into impromptu platform dance parties.) So I was psyched to do a poster for the kickoff to their Alaskan tour, but not only did I forget to post it in time for the kickoff show (which I also stupidly forgot to go to--I'm not lying when I say I've been busy!), I missed the whole damn Alaska tour! Sorry, guys! But if you're in NYC, or if they make their way to your town, do yourselves a favor and check them out, you won't be disappointed!

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