Wednesday, February 9, 2011

REJECTED: Stumblebums

I did some designs for the new album by the Stumblebums (formerly the Stumblebum Brass Band) a while back. But since their mailing list just got an email announcing the release of the record with another cover entirely, I'm guessing the Stumblebums decided to "go another way." To "downsize the design department." That the covers I did "sucked." But I dunno, I kinda liked 'em.

This first one I did before I knew what they were considering for the album title… obviously there's not much connection there. Visually, it was inspired by a song of theirs (that didn't wind up on the album, funnily enough), called "The Ghosts are Gonna Get You", and is a blatant--blatant!!--rip off of Jordan Crane. (Particularly this one.) Had that actually been published, I might have felt a little bad about the obvious theft, so that's for the best, probably.

The second is a pretty literal take on the title, but I kinda dig it. In case you're not familiar, that's literally a photocopy of the cover of Lady Gaga's first album, with some scribbling on it. Ideally it would have been printed with silver ink (reality check: no one was going to pay for specialty printing!) on the scribbles, to give a sense of pencil marks on paper… but again, neither here nor there.

At the end of the day, I get that probably neither of these was quite raw enough for the Stumblebum sound. (ahem.) C'est la vie! I got to show 'em here, at least. The album is still worth picking up, especially if you've ever wondered what the misbegotten love child of Louis Armstrong and Iggy Pop might sound like.

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John G said...

GHA! Look at that cover they used! Holy smokes that's horrific! Honestly, you may have dodged a bullet with this one.