Friday, January 30, 2009

Announcing: Comics!

As teased a while back, I'm finally ready to launch the comics section of my website. As anyone who reads this blog knows, my love of comics is deep and abiding. After a great experience working with Sean Phillips on the Blast of Silence comic "adaptation," I decided to try my hand at writing my own comics.

I've got a few longer-form stories in the works, in various stages of development, (more on those soon, hopefully), but I've also been trying to hone my skills on some shorter pieces. Some of these are legit "stories," others are more fragments or exercises in mood, but every one was a great experience. It was great to get to work with such a wide variety of talented artists, and to see each of their different processes.

Here's the first batch of stories I'm posting, all with a "crime" theme:

"These Kids Today" drawn by Connor Willumsen
"Below the Fold," drawn by Jorge Coelho
"Uninvited," drawn by Jhomar Soriano
" The Real Thing," drawn by Dan Duncan
and "Spared," drawn by Joe Dellagatta.

(Colors on all of them by me, by the way.) Click on over, then come on back here and let me know what you think in the comments.

And if you're going to be at NYCC next weekend, I should be carrying around newly-printed copies of an anthology comic that which contains all of those stories, which I'm calling "EGG." (Because they're "hard-boiled" stories. Get it? Eh?) If you run into me, I'll be happy to give you a copy. It's going to look something like this:

EDIT: EGG #1 now available for sale at!


Rob Schamberger said...

Wow, Eric! Not only are these all totally gorgeous, but the stories are compelling as well! 'Below the Fold' was especially fantastic.

Are you going to be offering these for sale? Because I know you've got at least one sale.

Joshua said...

Those were all pretty entertaining, excellent work on the colors especially. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Below The Fold. It reminds me of all the political scandals we've witnessed over the years!

Spared was what I might find Stephen King doing. NIce!!

The art work is beautiful but let's not forget that these comic panels have served so many great directors! What would they do without STORYBOARDS? You definitely have an eye of where to place the camera and how to engage the audience by how you begin the scenes.

And the coloring reminds me of what great cinematographers do with light, paint with it.


Are you familiar with THE GOON? I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Powell, the creator of THE GOON. He happens to be a great friend of Frank Darabont (director of THE GREEN MILE, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION).

Julio César Cedillo

MacGuffin said...

Excellent work, Eric! Reminded of the Andrew Vaschss stuff that was adapted a number of years ago. His short stories have a nice sharp twist to the endings, much like yours. And the art + color... top-notch.

I would love to buy a compilation.

Capree said...

Fantastic! Below the Fold and Spared were my favorite. Looking forward to reading more!

Eric Skillman said...

Thanks for the comments, all!

Rob--I'm not sure yet exactly what I'm going to do re: selling anything, but I'll certainly keep the blog updated with any developments.

Julio--you're too kind, as always. And yes, I am familiar with The Goon... I lost track of it a few years ago, but I recall it as being very well crafted.

MacGuffin--the Vaschss comparison is high praise, thanks!

Capree, Joshua-- glad you liked them! I hope to be able to post more soon.

Óscar Palmer said...

All of them are interesting, but Below the Fold and Spare stand out as really, really great. Congratulations, Eric! And kudos on your choice of artists. I didn't know any of them but, man, they're way above today's average (although I hadn't realized until now Eduardo Risso had made such a splash). I'm really looking forward to Liar's Kiss. Cheers!

elDuendeVerde said...

Dude, those were pretty awesome. I especially loved "These Kids Today" and "Spared." Entertaining, creepy, and really good looking.