Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Media Blitz (AKA "big in Turkey")

I just received in the mail a copy of this month's issue of Photoshop Magazin, a smart-looking Turkish design magazine. And check out this nice glossy article:

I answered the questions by email, for what I assumed would be a little sidebar piece of some kind, but it's six full pages!! It's in Turkish, so I unfortunately can't understand a word of it, but if anyone's interested, let me know in the comments and I'll post the original English Q&A on the blog. And if anyone out there speaks Turkish, pick up a copy and let me know how I sound--if I seem foolish, then obviously that's a translation error. ;)

And hey, hopefully SOAO and The Randy Bandits can pick up a few new Turkish fans!

Thanks again to the fine people at Photoshop Magazin!


Anonymous said...

Sweet! I'd love to see the interview in english!

cinetrix said...

Congrats! You should ask Efe of The Auteurs to translate for you--he's Turkish.

elifmem said...

nice. Thanks for letting now about the interview. I am a turkish admirer of your work living in Boston. looks like I will be able to get my hands on the pages tomorrow. Can translate it for you or at least let you know if they did justice!

Baris Azman said...

Looks great. I'm a Turkish filmmaker living in The Netherlands and avid lurker of the blog. I'd love to read the Turkish pages!

Congrats and keep up the GREAT work Eric.

Fujiman said...

Great news Eric!


elifmem said...

I finally read it. Below is the only paragraph that is not part of the Q&A for you :). It would be interesting to see the English version if you could post it. I can also translate the rest since I have already started. It has great information about your style, technique and the way you approach your work.

"A designer with a passion for films.

Eric Skillman is designing a DVD cover. The designer who is living in States is praised for his retro style and use of typography. I met Eric who is as much into movies and comics as I am, online. When I told him, I wanted to interview him for PM he was very happy. He knows Turkey from his friends who had been here for weddings and who have been telling him hysterically how beautiful it was. He wants to come as soon as possible and who knows maybe we will host him in our magazine. We spoke with Eric about his works and his take on his profession for you."

Eric Skillman said...

Thanks for all the comments, and especially to elifmem for the translation! I've just posted the English Q&A to the main blog, so go ahead and check it out.

(Baris, I don't have the Turkish text in copy-and-pastable form, but you might be able to read the jpegs if you click to open them in a larger size. Or, I'm sure the fine folks at Photoshop Magazin would prefer if you bought the issue!)

Also: hi Jorge! I see you found my blog; I hope you're enjoying it!