Tuesday, January 13, 2009


The great cartoonist Robert Goodin* has just started up a very fun blog project: a blog called "Covered," in which he's inviting artists, illustrators, designers, etc, to recreate (or, "cover," get it?) their favorite comic book covers. I was thrilled that he asked me to contribute, as it allowed me to indulge my deep and abiding love for the late '80s/early '90s era of Superman comics. I chose Jerry Ordway's classic cover to Adventures of Superman #438 and "alexanderplatzed" it... I'm quite happy with how it turned out, actually! (I can only hope Mr. Ordway approves!)

Plus, there's some VERY impressive people involved. (WAY more impressive than me.) So far there's also a version of Secret Wars #10 by Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Unlikely, and about 100 other fine books), and I've seen a sneak preview of some of the artists he's got lined up for the near future, so I can say with some confidence that this will be a blog worth bookmarking.

*And if you're not familiar with Robert's own work, it's really great in it's own right... check out his site and buy his fine self-published comics, or his latest, The Man Who Loved Breasts, from the fine folks at Top Shelf.


Jerry Ordway said...

Hey, I love it! Ivan Brandon pointed me here, by the way! When I first drew that cover, back in 1987(?) someone in production at DC doctored a version, showing Superman's dentures flying out of his mouth. Really funny. I knew it was over the top when I drew it, but I was in my big chin on Superman phase back then. Best, JER

Eric Skillman said...

Hey, wow! I'm flattered, and I'll have to thank Ivan next time I see him! I'm really glad you took it in the spirit it was intended, as a tribute rather than a theft--and don't knock that "big chin phase" of yours, I have a great fondness for those comics!

The Superman books from the late '80s/early '90s, that you were such a driving force in, they were a huge influence on me as a kid--my absolute favorite comics for a long time. You all managed to maintain such a high standard of quality on those books for so long, it really gave life to those characters for me, from Lois and Clark through Professor Hamilton and Maggie Sawyer... hell, I'd buy a Superman's Pal Bibbo comic, even today, if you or Jon Bodganove would draw it!

Anyway, thanks for all your great work, and for stopping by to comment! It means a lot!