Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Triple Big Head

This is how they do it in the big leagues:

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Media Blitz 4: Criterion pride!

...or I dunno, what's like a "blitz," only less so? A "donner"? A "zone defense"?


I was forwarded another nice article on Criterion design, and it occurred to me that, while I like the credit that we the Criterion art department collectively get for this stuff, each of those is an original work by a unique designer, and since the article doesn't mention them, I thought it'd be nice to give them some of the recognition they deserve. So, here's a brief who-did-what for their list:

The Battle of Algiers was designed by Neil Kellerhouse.

Pierrot le fou was designed by Steve Chow (both the Janus films poster and the Criterion DVD release).

The Bad Sleep Well was designed by yours truly.

Boudu Saved from Drowning was a poster from the original release, (the original painter of which I unfortunately don't know), with the english typography done by me. (This seems to be a favorite of a lot of people, actually, which I've never quite figured out... I mean, I like it fine, but I wouldn't have singled it out as anything remarkable.)

Breathless was designed by Rodrigo Corrall.

The Honeymoon Killers was designed by Aesthetic Apparatus.

Trafic was another original poster, designed, I *think,* by Tati himself. (Though don't quote me on that... can anyone confirm that bit of trivia?) The update for the DVD cover and follow-through on the menus and packaging was done by Jason Hardy.

Contempt was designed by Michael Boland; the illustration is from an old poster and again I unfortunately don't know the artist's name.

Berlin Alexanderplatz was me. (As you probably know, since I won't shut up about it.)

And Le Samouraï was designed by Michael Boland again.

So there you go.