Friday, April 27, 2012

MoCCA 2012

Apparently it's been so long between updates here that blogger has a whole new back end interface. Huh.

Anyway, as anyone following me on Twitter just heard, MoCCA is this weekend. Here's the same information I just tweeted, but in the more long-winded format we blog-readering dinosaurs are accustomed to:

Personal obligations prevent me from attending on Saturday, but I'll be hanging out at the Top Shelf table on Sunday, giving away FREE minicomix by me and Connor Willumsen to promote the upcoming launch of EGG: Hard Boiled Stories as a "Top Shelf Digital Exclusive" series, which means it'll be available on on Comixology, iVerse, the Top Shelf iOS app, etc. Here's a look at the cover to the promo (which will probably be similar to the cover of the first issue):

(Full disclosure for any of the few fine human beings who've purchased any issues of EGG in it's original self-published print format: we will be re-publishing those stories, but we'll be shuffling things around so every digital issue will have some never-before-seen content, too.)

Also debuting at MoCCA is the Trip City Visitor's Guide, the first ever print publication from the fine folks at Trip City. Not only is it designed by me (blatantly ripping off Massimo Vignelli): also includes a new story by me and Jorge Coelho that serves as a preview of our new series that should be launching very soon at Trip City. It's going to be called "SUCKERS," and it's the story of a father-son team of con artists. I'm really excited about this one--it's broken up into easily digestible, readable-on-their-own chunks, but the overall story has a larger scope than anything I've yet written, and I can't wait to see Jorge bring it to life. And Jorge's work on the pages I've seen so far is next level stuff: even if the story's lousy, it'll be gorgeous to look at. ;)  

Plus, MoCCA is also an early opportunity to pick up your copy of Seth Kushner and Christopher Irving's Leaping Tall Buildings, which I was proud to design. And of course Top Shelf should have some copies of Liar's Kiss for sale which I'll happily sign on Sunday, or if you're one of those future people who reads their comics on the computer machine, Top Shelf is doing a crazy digital sale right now where you can get Liar's Kiss (and a bunch of other fantastic books) for only $4.99! Talk about value!

So... if you're in NYC, hope to see you at MoCCA on Sunday! If you're elsewhere, hope to see you on the interwebs in the near future!