Thursday, November 15, 2012

SUCKERS launches today!

 From the department of "I'm lousy at self-promotion": my new webcomic series, SUCKERS, with my friend and amazing talent Jorge Coehlo, launched today at Trip City and I pretty much neglected to mention it to anyone before today. Despite what that might imply, we're actually extremely proud of this series! Quick pitch: When Corey White was eight years old, his mother told him his father had died and left them with nothing. When he was eighteen, his father told him different. But then, his dad’s a con man, so who’s he supposed to believe?

It'll be serialized monthly at Trip City. Jorge and I are both in this for the long haul, we hope some of you will join us for the ride...

And hey, while you there, you should check out some of the other consistently excellent content up at Trip City, like Jennifer Hayden's S'Crapbook, or Seth Kushner & George Schall's new Schmuck, or Jef UK & Zee's Just Super, or the sure-to-be-excellent (haven't had a chance to listen myself yet) new Trip City Podcast featuring Bryan Lee O'Malley and Sean Howe. Happy first anniversary, Trip City!

(Also, I just noticed my GLARING typo on the credits on that "cover" above... sigh. Hopefully I can get that fixed tonight...)