Thursday, April 15, 2010

MoCCA Post-game

Just as busy coming out of MoCCA as I was going in, but I thought I should take a quick stab at the traditional "wrap-up" post. I had a great time, as always, and the cool April weather was a definite improvement over last year's swelterfest. Met plenty of interesting people, old friends and new acquaintances (and new friends and old acquaintances). I had prior engagements at non-MoCCA parties Friday and Saturday nights so I missed that whole scene, but I hear Frank Miller knows how to party.

By the way, apologies to anyone who read my little restaurant guide and got psyched for Vietnamese sandwiches only to discover that Baoguette are apparently closed on Sundays now. If it helps, I was similarly caught unawares and sorely disappointed. (And between DeFonte's and Saravanaas I still ate pretty well.)

Having a table to myself this year (rather than splitting it as I did last year) gave me a little less time to peruse the rest of the show--the lovely Mariel Isaacson was gracious enough to man the table for a while, but I felt bad leaving her alone for too long and the show is just so damn big! For example, I never did find the Partyka table, which means I apparently missed a new Matt Weigle mini... grrr. But sales were decent: I even sold out of both issues of EGG on Sunday. (Admittedly, that's partially because I accidentally left half my stock of EGG #2 at home.)

I did still manage to get some great stuff, most of which I haven't had a chance to read yet, but early favorites include the gorgeous newsprint anthology "POOD" (featuring what might be Connor Willumsen's best story yet, in my humble opinion); "Beard" by Pranas, "Little Wolves" by James Hindle, and "Big Empty Space" by Victor Kerlow.

ANYway. Proper design post coming soon.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MoCCA 2010 Restaurant Guide

My good deed for the day: since MoCCA moved up to the armory last year, folks seemed a little lost when it came time for lunch. But actually, that neighborhood has some of the best food in the city! So let a local give you the lowdown:

--My personal favorite eatery in the area is DeFonte's of Brooklyn, just a short walk away at 3rd ave and 21st street. Their hot roast beef sandwich, which comes with fresh mozzerella, wafer-thin fried eggplant, and beef jus, is just about the most delicious sandwich you'll ever eat, with the possible exception of their "Nicky's Special" (ham, capicola, salami, fried eggplant, provolone, hot salad, marinated mushrooms, lettuce, tomato, oil & vinegar). One sandwich is probably enough to feed two people, but you're not going to want to have to share.

--Just across the street from the armory is Baoguette, (Lexington between 25th and 26th), a banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) place that seemed to be the big hit of last year's show. I've only had the classic banh mi there, (pork, ham, pate), but I hear good things about their catfish sandwich, too.

--If you want a quick sit-down place, I'd recommend Saravanaas, katty corner to the armory at Lexington Ave and 26th. Great vegetarian South Indian food, dosas, etc. One of their Thalis, which are kind of like the world's greatest sampler platter (and not for the faint of heart, spice-wise), will MORE than fill you up for dinner, but are cheap enough that you don't need to feel too bad even if you can't finish everything.

--The justly world famous Shake Shack is also a short walk away in Madison Square Park, but be prepared to wait in line for an hour if it's even a slightly nice day. (Seriously. Check the "Shack Cam" if you don't believe me.) If you do go, order two burgers (or a Shack Stack--deep fried cheese-stuffed portobella atop a cheeseburger) rather than bothering with fries--one won't quite fill you up and you certainly won't want to wait in line a second time!

--On the opposite end of the burger spectrum (i.e. giant burgers in a dark pub), you could do worse than a short jog over to Molly's Pub and Shabeen, at 287 3rd ave between 22nd and 23rd. Fair warning: shield your eyes when exiting or the shock of the sun may just blind you.

--Finally, if you're really looking to splurge, I've yet to be disappointed by Gramercy Tavern on 20th between Broadway and Park Ave south. You can probably get out of there for lunch for around $40 if you don't go crazy on wine.

Feel free to show your appreciation for these fine suggestions by buying some of my comics. ;)

View MoCCA lunch options in a larger map

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's that time again... (MoCCA 2010)

The 2010 MoCCA Art Festival is this coming weekend, and once again I'll have a table set up, selling my comics and prints. In addition to most of the comics and prints I've sold at past shows, this year's MoCCA will feature a bunch of exciting new comic stuff:

--EGG: Hard Boiled Stories #2,* featuring 3 crime stories drawn by three fantastic artists: "Cold Feet" drawn by Evan Bryce, "Lost & Found" drawn by Ming Doyle, and "The Platform" drawn by Victor Kerlow. (If you already purchased the old minicomic versions of either "Lost & Found" or "Cold Feet" that I've had at previous shows, remind me of that and I'll give you a discount on EGG #2)

--"Dental Hygiene and Secret Identities," a new kid-friendly/humor/silent/autobigraphical minicomic written by me and drawn by the amazing Rachel Friere.

--"The Deserter," another departure for me, an action-packed mini about a demon living amongst regular folks, drawn by the great Dan Duncan.

--Hopefully one more minicomic, "Sense Memory," assuming we can get it finished in time, illustrated by the talented Jeff Faerber.

--And if you ask nicely, I may even give you a sneak peek of a few of Jhomar Soriano's gorgeous pages for the coming-soon-from-Top-Shelf-Productions Liar's Kiss.

So if you're anywhere near New York this weekend, come on by the 69th Regiment Armory between 12 and 6 this Saturday or Sunday, and say hi! Admission is a low low $12 ($20 for both days), and for that money you get not just me (exciting as that will surely be), but also such greats as Jaime Hernandez, David Mazzucchelli, Frank Miller, Paul Pope, Kyle Baker, Kate Beaton, Al Jaffe, R. Sikoryak, and literally hundreds more!

*By the way, if you're not able to make it to NYC, but happen to live in the San Francisco or New Orleans areas, I recently sold some copies of EGG #1 & 2 to Comix Experience and Crescent City Comics, so ask for 'em there! Or for the rest of the country, there's always Indyplanet...

EDIT: MoCCA-goers may also appreciate this restaurant guide.