Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009: The Year in Review

We always get a good response to our year-end cover grid newsletters at Criterion, so I thought it might be fun to do my own year-end retrospective, post all the various DVDs, books, posters, comics, CDs, and random illustrations I've designed, written, art directed, illustrated, or colored this year, minus a few things I've been working on toward the end of the year that haven't been announced yet. In alphabetical order, just to have some way of organizing them:

ALEC: The Years Have Pants

AX: Alternative Manga

"Below the Fold," written and colored by me, art by Jorge Coelho


"Cold Feet," written and colored by me, art by Evan Bryce

Drawings for Robert Goodin's Covered blog, after Jon Bodganove and Jerry Ordway

Downhill Racer

EGG #1: written & colored by me, art by Connor Willumsen, Jorge Coelho, Jhomar Soriano, Dan Duncan, and Joe Dellagatta. Cover by me.

El Norte ("Designed" by me, but the illustration is from an old poster, the artist of which I can't remember at the moment.)

The Empire Strikes Out

The Finding/El Descumbrimiento

Il Generale della Rovere

Golden Arrow by the Randy Bandits


"Lost & Found," written and colored by me, art by Ming Doyle

Make Way for Tomorrow, "art directed" by me, designed and illustrated by Seth.

Pigs, Pimps and Prostitutes

The Playwright

Political Awakenings

Rashomon poster, art directed by me, painting by Kent Williams

"The Real Thing," written and colored by me, art by Dan Duncan

Walk, by Red Rooster

Revanche poster

Revanche DVD cover

"Spared," written and colored by me, art by Joe Dellagatta

Saving State U

Poster for The Stumblebum Brass Band

"These Kids Today," written and colored by me, art by Connor Willumsen

"A Troubling of Goldfish," for the "A Murder of Crows" show

"Uninvited," written and colored by me, art by Jhomar Soriano

"The Wheel Turns," colored by me, art by Jorge Coelho, written by K.D. Stockton

Wise Blood, art directed by me, illustrations by Josh Cochran.


Anonymous said...

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GT said...

Great work. This is probably one of my favorite blogs.

Though I must say, I'm rather... perplexed by the Che Criterion artwork. I'd really like it if you did one of your "creative process" posts on it.

Anyways, awesome work!

Anonymous said...

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andersh said...

Great stuff! Are the titles for the Shohei films inspired by the Dr. Strangelove end credits? That's what came to mind.