Friday, February 8, 2008

Obama '08 Update

After the Obama post, a couple people pointed me towards Shepard Fairey's Obama "Progress" poster, which is pretty fun. (You may remember Fairey from that omnipresent "Andre the Giant has a Posse" graphic a few years back.) One thing I liked that he did is that he put up a high res version of the image for people to download and use as they like. So I figured I'd offer a similar thing: if anyone wants to spread the pro-Obama message, (particularly in the yet-to-vote states), and would like to use my drawing to illustrate your flyers, t-shirts, whatever, go ahead. (Please note that "pro-Obama" should not be taken to mean intimating that Hillary Clinton eats babies or anything like that. Keep it positive.) All I ask is that you send me a quick email at "design [at]" with a picture or something, just for my own curiosity.

Below are links to highres color and black & white versions.

Since India has got me thinking about creative commons licensing and such, I'll note that this is not to be used for any for-profit enterprise and the copyright remains with me.

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