Thursday, April 3, 2008

We Came Along With A Hammer

Are you looking for a good read that updates more than once per whenever-I-feel-like-it? Try We Came Along With A Hammer, the new blog started by my friends ******* and *******, that is, "Diablevert" and "Dreadful Penny." They're going through every Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and providing snark and analysis while trying to determine how these "great" works really stand the test of time. An engaging and entertaining read, even if you haven't read the books they're talking about. Which, let's be honest, you haven't.

Possibly my favorite bit thus far? On The Magnificent Ambersons (worth investigating for all you Orson Welles or Wes Anderson fans):

"Booth Tarkington’s authorial claim to fame here should be creating the biggest twit in world literature, a Mona Lisa of a portrait in asshat-itude."

(This post might seem off-topic for this blog, but I made their logo graphic, so it counts.)


Anonymous said...

And that logo graphic rocks! It preserves our anonymity with delightful insouciance. Thanks for pimping our WordPress template.
--Dreadful Penny

Anonymous said...

People should read this.