Monday, April 11, 2011

MoCCA Postgame 2011

Fantastic experience at MoCCA this year! Liar's Kiss sold out mid-day Sunday—sorry to anyone who wasn't able to get a copy!

And as always, great to get to catch up with some folks I hadn't seen in a while, put some faces to names I hadn't met before, and of course pick up some great new comics. I haven't quite made my way through all my swag yet, but early favorites include new Matt Wiegle comics (Wiegle for Tarzan, and, even better, his story in Papercutter #13), finally getting a chance to read Benjamin Marra's Night Business (which is just as balls-to-the-wall awesome as everyone keeps saying), Jason Viola's fantastic Who is Amy Amoeba? (which seems to be available to read online at that link--recommended!), Brecht Evans' gorgeous Night Animals (The Wrong Place is next on my list), and Victor Kerlow's genius high-concept sketchbook, "People From Yesterday."

Very curious to hear people's reactions to Liar's Kiss now that it's out in the world... if you're one of the lucky folks who picked one up, I'd love to hear from you! Drop me a line or leave a note in the comments, and hopefully I'll see some of you (and new people besides) at TCAF in Toronto or Heroes Con in Charlotte…

[Blog housekeeping note: I think I'm going to pause the LK preview panels for a bit... if I keep putting them up at this pace I'll have posted the whole book soon! (out of order, but still.) But I'll try to keep the design process posts coming as best I can.]

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Jason V said...

Eric, it was great meeting you this weekend; I'm sorry things got a little hectic before I could say goodbye! Good luck with the continued success of your new book.